About Us

Shiloh United Methodist Church was established in 1838 at its current location on Spring Hill Road, Gilbert. Originally meeting under a bush arbor, the church then moved into a log building followed a few years later in a wood frame building. Then, in 1951, the current stone sanctuary was completed and has served as the church home ever since. The fellowship hall was added in 1982 and a further expansion of office space, classrooms, and choir room were added in 2019.
Shiloh was the first Methodist Church in the area and drew members from the surrounding community. The church originally was part of a charge sharing a pastor with Pond Branch UMC and became an active station church in 1993. Today, it serves a small congregation in the Gilbert area fostering Christian education and fellowship.

Rev. Angela Etheredge-Erwin (Biography)

I have been a lifelong United Methodist, growing up at Belvedere UMC. As a lay person, I served in numerous capacities including Lay Leader/speaker, Youth Director, Chair of PPRC, President of UMW, Spiritual Director, etc. In the community, I have also volunteered and served in many non-profits. I have been a counselor and representative at a local pregnancy center. I have also worked in the public school system, serving on the SC-PTA not only in the local schools but was president over three counties. I served on the state board where I worked on the legislative board implementing new guidelines for children with disabilities, and served on the scholarship committee. I have also worked in a large denominational church in their youth ministry for 6 years. During that time, I helped build a mission project providing thousands of shoes (and other items) for underprivileged children in elementary schools in three counties that also extended into a yearly trip to a South American country to provide the same.

Some of the United Methodist organizations that I strongly support is the SC Salkehatchie program, UMVIM, UMW and UMM. Outside of the UMC I also have become involved with the World Methodist Evangelism Institute whose main office is at Emory but is a world-wide organization.

In all the churches that I have served, I have actively encouraged individuals and the churches in their collective gifts, graces, and passions. Each had their own personality and mission to the community and the world.  It has been a great privilege for me to work together with all of these churches to serve in the church, and outside the walls into the community. Many new opportunities were implemented in each church. Some were successful, a few were not. We continue to pray and seek God’s direction in each of their communities. Some of the things that we have done are to partner with close local schools to become a presence in the community and to help in any way we are needed. We have had many opportunities as a church to grow spiritually but also to put our faith in action.

I believe whole heartedly in the Methodist itinerant system and the importance of lay leadership as the primary leaderships of the churches I serve. My personal style is one of leader, encourager, director, trainer, administrator, and practical preacher. I seek to grow spiritually, personally, and for the church. I encourage active involvement/service in the community. I am also trained in conflict transformation.

Pastor – Rev. Angela Etheredge-Erwin

The Pastor works as worship leader, preacher, and teacher; administrative leaders; vision keeper, laity equipper and community minister.

Lay Leader – Donna Griffin

The lay leader represents the lay people in the congregation in working with the pastor for the mission and vision of the congregation.  The lay leader works with the pastor and other leaders to launch and strengthen the ministries that build discipleship.

Church Council – Mary Baker, Chairman

The function of the Church Council is to coordinate, implement, and promote the ministries of the church. The Church Council shall act on behalf of the congregation in making decisions of the Church.

Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committee – Derrell Shipes, Chairman

The staff/pastor-parish relations committee functions somewhat like a human resources office.

Trustees – Max Young, Chairman

The board of trustees is entrusted with management of the property and facilities of the congregation.

Finance  – Janet Deep, Chairman

The Finance committee is responsible for creating a budget for the ministry of the congregation and for developing a plan to raise adequate funds in support  of the congregational needs.

Children/Youth Director – Malachi Alexander

Additional Committees:

Lay Member to Annual Conference – Derrell Shipes

Church Treasurer – Gary Baker

Nurture and Discipleship (Worship) – Nancy Young, Chairman

Missions and Outreach – Ann Milligan, Chairman

Witness and Evangelism – Clyde Sanders, Chairman

Recording Secretary for Church Council – Ann Milligan

Membership Secretary – Lois Vanderstelt

Financial Secretary – Jerry Green

Building Committee – Charlie Deep, Chairman

Fundraising Committee – Clyde Sanders, Co-Chair, Gary Baker Co-Chair

Church Safety Committee – Max Young, Chairman 

Cemetery Committee – Walker Meetze, Chairman

Sunday School Coordinator – Sherri Owings

Women In Faith – Clyde Sanders, President

United Methodist Men – Max Young, President